ICMR Tribal Health Research Forum (THRF)


upcoming events

   11th Annual meeting sceduled on 9-10th August at NIRT, Chennai  
  Review meetings of Tribal Health Research Forum should take place on 1st Sunday of every 3rd month,
    Detailed discussion to be held on ethno-medicines,  
    Focused study related to tribal health which come out with solution/ application which need to be percolated down to the state for implementation,  
    Multicentric projects on diseases related to lifestyle changes are required,  
    A separate session for interaction involving medical colleges, political leaders, social leaders and non-ICMR scientists to focus on the tribal health  problems,  
    Important genetic disorders such as haemoglobinopathies, sickle cell disease, nutritional disorders in migrant population are priority areas of research. Studies on MCH, hypertension need to be emphasized. Studies on malaria are challenging and to be continued,  
    Basic science with solution/ application is the corner stone ultimately leading to translational research.